Flash Results 2022

Livetulokset: https://live.time4results.com/yu/2022/png/

Flash Quotes by the Athletes:

Krista Tervo, W Hammer: ”I decided to build the competition little by little. Starting easily, then making super output on the last throw. Other competitors threw so well, that I got feeling WOW – now I must do better!”

Leo-Pekka Tähti, M 100 m & 400 m wheelchair: ”400 metres was fine today. Spinning wind made it hard to do, so the mark was very good in these conditions. 100 metres was technically quite bad, yet, my worst in this season.”

Rasmus Mägi, M 400 m hurdles: ”I didn´t wait that [national record]. I was very confident, but just wanted to make a smooth race. Really wanted to come to Turku, my next race is in two days in Oslo.”

Daniel Ståhl, M Discus: ”I felt like I was jumping. My first throw was most rhythmic, and explosive. It was fun to do my victory lap, after that. First of all, Paavo Nurmi Games is one of the best meetings in the world. It is very well organised, and there is rock´n´roll at the stadium.”

Daryll Neita, W 100 m: ”I am happy with the result. It is fine to be healthy again. Last year in the Olympics I was eighth. This year I am trying to go for medals.”

Christian Taylor, M Triple jump: ”I feel I’m completely healthy. Last year has been challenging both mentally and physically. This is my first time in Finland, and atmosphere was fantastic. It is very special to compete here, I wanted to come back next year. I am strong again, and every competition is a chance for learning.”

Almir dos Santos, M Triple jump: ”Happy with my performance, that being only second competition this season. Really wanted to jump 17 metres, but next time. First time for me in Finland. Really great competition, atmosphere and audience here in Turku. Will come back and break 17 metres next year here.”

Aaron Mallett, M 110 m hurdles: ”Season best for me, for two years, of course I am very happy. I needed some proof, that I am moving forward, and I´ve got it.”

Max Burgin, M 800 m: ”I suffered today, but I’m happy now for PB [1:43.52]. This was only my second race of this season. I am very confident now for the British Championships, and World Championships after that.”

Nina Kennedy, W Pole vault: ”It was fun. Never been in Finland before, and that was amazing here. Whether I am happy for the result, I don’t know, yes and no. I am happy to win, but wanted to do 4.70.”

Tobi Amusan, W 100 m hurdles: ”It was tough race. It took time to recover, and come back to the world. Can´t complain, that was best I could do today.”

Neeraj Chopra, M Javelin: ”Very nice competition, and I am very happy for my PB & National Record. Oliver [Helander] had today very good technique. I tried maybe too much, because that was my first competition of this season. I will compete next time in Kuortane after four days.”

Oliver Helander, M Javelin: ”Close to perfect throw that was [89.83 m], waiting something like 85m. I was feeling well on warm-up, already. My previous PB was thrown in 2018. My shoulder is healthy now, and I am grateful for my coach [Tero Pitkämäki, previous World Champion]. It feels great to beat Olympic and World Champions. My next competition will be in Kuortane.”