Flash Results 2023

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Flash Quotes by the Athletes:

W Hammer Throw:

  • Brooke Andersen, USA, winner, 76,45: Competition nice. Girls great. Fans amazing. Not a bad week. This was my last competition before the US Championships in three weeks. There are some technical things to fix, yet.
  • Camryn Rogers, CAN, 2nd, 76,21: Today was OK. I was enjoying the moment and stadium. Atmosphere was amazing. My first throw was a big one. My next competition will be in Kuortane, Finland.
  • Silja Kosonen, FIN, 3rd, 72,56. I threw very well in the warm-up. But in the beginning of the competition I kind of forgot how to throw. Then I got my mind together and made a good throw on a third round. It was great to have at least one successful mark.

M Pole Vault:

  • KC Lightfoot, USA, winner, 590: First time in Finland for me. I was happy to compete here with this great Turku crowd. I am pretty satisfied with my result but could have done a bit better, like reaching 6 meters as well. I am glad to take the stadium record in my name. I hope to come back again and more than once. Next competition already next Saturday in Germany.
  • Kurtis Marschall, AUS, 2nd, 571: It was a great athmosphere here in Turku, and excellent hotel and service everywhere. The runlane was a little bit short and thus slightly difficult for me, but I still managed to jump 571, so I am happy with the result. Now heading for Stockholm 2nd of July.

W High Jump:

  • Nicola Olyslagers, AUS, 201: I was so happy to let the crowd here in Turku to see me jump over 2 meters. It is amazing to be back in the form that I was couple of years back. And I have confidence to jump higher and beat my personal best soon.  I really love this Turku track, the mondo here feels so fresh and it makes me fight the gravity and just fly! I hope to come back here again, I love Finland, green nature and this great athmosphere. here in Turku.

M Para Athletes 100 m:

  • Leo-Pekka Tähti, FIN, winner, 14,06: Quite well, but I had one bad hit in the middle of the race. Stadium and weather would be ideal to do a big mark. I was hoping to do it under 14sec, but not today. That makes me just more hungry in the future races.

W 800 m:

  • Anita Horvat, SLO, winner, 1.58,73: Very nice race. After the first lap in the middle of the race the competitors were going faster. I think, I will be in my best shape on August.
  • Jemma Reekie, GBR, 3rd, 1.59,41: I was hoping to win. Something to learn now.

M Discus Throw:

  • Daniel Ståhl, SWE, winner, 70,38: My first three attempts I was jumping too much and felt like I had no tension in my body. But then I decided not to give in, using ’Sisu’ and finally the 5th throw was over 70 meters, and I am very proud of this result. My dear grand-ma and my parents were here, and so many friends and fans as well. Turku is such a beautiful city and it is always great to compete here. Next competition already on Friday this week in Estonia.
  • Kristjan Ceh, SLO, 2nd, 68,67: It was a good competition. I heard that my three fouls would have been 71-72 metres. Then I was something like struggling in the last rounds. I hope, I can now do a big throw in Estonia.

W Triple Jump:

  • Shanieka Ricketts, JAM, winner, 14,20: Very good job that was. I was hoping better distance tonight, yet. My next competition will be Oslo Golden League.

M 400 m Hurdles:

  • Ludvy Vaillant, FRA, winner, 48,50: Good race in the beginning of the season. There was a bit wind in the last metres. Good time, even if I was expecting a bit more, yet. Victory that was, and I take it.

W Pole Vault:

  • Wilma Murto, FIN, winner, 475: Now it was that I have all the season been hunting for. I found the right poles and the right distances. 4,75m was the limit today, I would have needed bigger vault for 4,82m. It feels so good to make this kind of jumps so early in the season.

W 400 m Hurdles:

  • Jessie Knight, GBR, winner, 54,32: I was very happy to win, because it was a very good field today. My technics have been quite messy so far, and today I tried to do it as clean as possible. My next race will be Ostrava Golden Spike.
  • Viivi Lehikoinen, FIN, 5th, 54,88: Today I was running more hurdles with 15 strides, than ever before. Then I had to change to 17 strides on the seventh hurdle. The finish wasn’t quite well, yet.

M 100 m:

  • Cravont Charleston, USA, winner, 9,95: Sub-10 was my goal. I am happy to run it here. I came to Finland not until Sunday, and that was not ideal, I think. I will have another race in Finland in Kuortane, too.

M Javelin Throw:

  • Jakub Vadlejch, CZE, winner, 89,51 WL: Much better than last year. Happy with world leading mark. I retired after 4th round, would not risk any injury. I will compete in Kuortane, Finland, too.
  • Oliver Helander, FIN, 2nd, 87,32: It feels good, that all six throws were successful. Earlier I have had only one good throw in many of my competitions. Now the throws were straightforward, not crosswise to the left, as in many other competitions.
  • Julian Weber, GER, 3rd, 85,82: I had problems in the beginning. Every competition is different. Today I could not run through, but I love this stadium. My next competition will be in Poland.

M 800 m:

  • Benjamin Robert, FRA, winner, 1.44,40: I am pleased to win the race, even though I did not place myself in an optimal in the beginning, being a bit trapped. But I fought my way out and succeeded well the last 100 meters. I was not at all sure, how this race will go. I competed very recently in Paris, and after travelling it was not obvious to make a good run. This was my first time in Finland and it is just beautiful here. I will definitely come back and also for holidays with my girlfriend. And this track is fast and loaded with history and Paavo Nurmi legacy.
  • Clayton Murphy, USA, 2nd, 1.44,91: Tough race, and I am happy with 2nd place, and my result. I will compete in Nancy, France, before the US national Championships.
  • Andreas Kramer, SWE, 3rd, 1.44,95: Four days ago I was running that crazy race in Paris, and there we were nine runners under 1.45min. It feels so good to have another sub-1.45 race here in Turku. Swedish record will be possible in my home town.

M 3000 m Steeplechase:

  • Abraham Seme, ETH, winner, 8.17,44: I was happy to compete here in Turku, and I am quite pleased with my result. I can do much better but today it was a good result. Great to run in front of this crowd in Turku.

W 1500 m:

  • Sarah Healy, IRL, winner, 4.03,85: I had a great time, my first competition in Turku and in Finland in general. I was happy to win this race, winning is important. I would have preferred to run with a bit more speed on the way but as I said, happy to win. Next competition in Czech Republic.
  •  Gaia Sabattini, ITA, 2nd, 4.03,88: I am extremely happy with this race and result, after suffering severe injuries last winter. This is already like a victory to me after such a difficult period. I am also happy with the speed during the race. I need more training to improve my speed so this was really insane to me. Next competition in Czech Republic.

M 110 m Hurdles:

  • Jamal Britt, USA, winner, 13,32: Decent race that was, even if the time was a little bit slow. I want to come back in Finland in the future, too. My next race will be New York Grand Prix.

W 100 m Hurdles:

  • Ditaji Kambundji, SUI, winner, 12,79: This was my first time in Finland and Turku. I loved the athmosphere, so many spectators and the weather was good. I was not pleased with my first run, hitting the hurdles a bit. But the final race was very succesful, I am very happy to my final race and also the result. So I can go home happy! And looking forward to come back here again. Next competition for me is the European Team Championships.
  • Luca Kozák, HUN, 2nd, 12,93: I am very pleased with this race and the results as I have been competing very little this season. I really hope to improve my performance, right now I am taking one competition at a time. This was already my fourth time here in Turku and I really like this track and the audience. Next competition for me is the European Team Championships.