Paavo Nurmi’s entire life story and achievements are available in nine languages. 

Paavo Nurmi’s home

Paavo Nurmi lived on Jarrumiehenkatu in Turku for nearly 30 years. The home owned by the Nurmi family is now a home museum and has been furnished in 1920s style by the Sports Museum of Finland. Some of the items on display are original.

Paavo Nurmi’s father Johan bought the apartment, which consisted of one room and a kitchen, in the worker’s block in 1903. When the father died, the kitchen had to be rented to another family. The mother Matilda and her four children lived in the small room until 1920. After Paavo’s first Olympic victories in 1920, the family was able to take occupancy of the whole apartment again. At the same time, they added electricity, running water and new furniture.

Although Paavo Nurmi studied in Helsinki in the early 1920s, he only moved out of his childhood home permanently in 1932.

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Paavo Nurmi Games since 1957

Turun Urheiluliitto sports club organised the first Paavo Nurmi Games in June 1957 as a 60th birthday present for the legendary runner Paavo Nurmi. With the exception of a few years, the tradition of holding a Paavo Nurmi competition in Turku’s Sports Park has continued to this day.

Paavo Nurmi Games in its present form has been organised by PN Turku Oy, which is owned by the Finnish Athletics Federation, Turun Urheiluliitto, TuTo, Turun Weikot Yleisurheilu and Nurmen perilliset (descendants of Nurmi), since 2013. The company founded in 2012 is a non-profit organisation, and its activities focus on developing Paavo Nurmi Games and Festival and Paavo Nurmi Legacy to benefit sports in Turku and Finland.

Paavo Nurmi Games is part of the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold level, which is the world’s largest athletics competition series.

World athletics heritage plaque

Paavo Nurmi Games is a World Athletics Heritage location. World Athletics has inducted Paavo Nurmi into the World Athletics Heritage Legend gallery and designated Paavo Nurmi Games as a World Athletics Heritage Competition.

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