Help us organize the 2024 events – register as a volunteer!

Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute to organising the Paavo Nurmi Festival. Paavo Nurmi Games volunteers are enthusiastic and happy customer service representatives whose positive attitude creates a unique atmosphere at the events.

Implementing Finland’s highest-level athletics event provides tasks for each and every sports enthusiast. In addition to the actual competition functions, we’re looking for people to handle tasks ranging from athlete services to security and VIP attachés. Read more about the task descriptions here and choose the options that suit you best. Most of the tasks require no previous experience.

Paavo Nurmi Festival events support club work in Turku and promote sport culture. You can also ask for an employment certificate for the volunteer work.

Join us for a ringside seat at an exciting international sport celebration! Register for our elite sports event production team here.

Additional information about tasks provided by: Riitta Hyvärinen,, puh. 040 300 4261