Event Schedule

Tuesday 18.6. | 16:30 – 21:00

Instructions and special arrangements at the stadium

The most important thing for us at Paavo Nurmi Games is the health and safety of athletes, the audience, volunteers and employees. We want to ensure that all participants feel that they can safely take part in our event. This is why we carefully follow the regulations issued by authorities when arranging the events.. We ensure good hygiene in the area and make it possible to maintain safety distances.

Arriving at the stadium and parking

Paavo Nurmi Stadium is centrally located in Turku’s Sports Park near the city centre and the banks of the Aurajoki River. The event area has two entrances: one is located at Itsenäisyydenaukio 2 beside Turku City Theatre (behind the state office building on Paavo Nurmen puistotie) and the other is at Hopeasepänkuja 2/the end of Betaniankatu (beside Martin school, which is a unit of Luostarivuoren school).

Paavo Nurmi Games recommends that sports fans come to the stadium on foot, by bicycle or using public transport. Both entrances have a free bicycle parking area. The accessible entrance is via the gate at Martin school. The gates to the event area open at 3:30 pm on 14 June.

Föli buses and Föli bikes are a convenient way to get to the stadium. The stadium is approximately 1.5 km from the railway station and 2 km from the bus station.

If you arrive by car, we recommend leaving your car in the parking areas in Turku city centre. Parking near the stadium is very limited. There are a limited number of parking spaces for the disabled near the Martin school entrance. The connection from Sirkkalankatu to Itäinen Rantakatu is closed to vehicles during the event.

Event area and moving around in the stadium

The event area has five different seating categories. The VIP, A and B sections are located in the main stand. Access to the main stand area is restricted to people holding VIP, A and B tickets. Section C is located on the backstretch and section D seating is around the curves of the track.

Our seating guides and security guards will direct ticket holders to their seats and simultaneously ensure that safety distances are maintained and everyone has a safe audience experience.

Security and ticket checks at the gates

A security check will be performed at the gates to the event area, and security guards will check all customers entering the area and their bags. Tickets will be scanned electronically in conjunction with the security check. All children’s tickets -50% (children under 15).

Prohibited items and substances

Alcohol, intoxicating substances, glass bottles, thermos bottles, firearms, sharp weapons or any objects intended to inflict damage, multipurpose tools, explosives, fireworks, flares, laser pointers, glow sticks and aerosols (such as hairspray) are prohibited in the stadium. Pets are not allowed in the event area.

There is a cloakroom in conjunction with the security check, and you can leave any prohibited items there for the duration of the competition. Dangerous and illegal items will be delivered to the police station.

You may bring your own drinking bottle (cardboard or plastic) into the area. There are many water dispensing points in the area where you can fill your bottle. Umbrellas are allowed in the area.

Services in the area

The audience area has a wide range of food and drink services where you can buy delicious competition snacks from local entrepreneurs. The area has designated areas for serving alcohol, and these are the only places where alcohol is permitted. You may not bring your own alcoholic beverages into the area. The most commonly used payment cards and cash are accepted at the sales points and ticket sales. Toilet facilities and waste sorting points are located near all the stands. There are hand washing/disinfection points near the toilet facilities.


Photography is permitted in the area for your own use and you can bring SLR cameras to the stadium. However, please consider and respect the privacy of other competition guests. Remember to use the PNG hashtag: #paavonurmigames

First aid

The Finnish Red Cross is responsible for first aid for the public. The Finnish Red Cross first aid point is located near the backstretch of the stadium. Red Cross patrols will also be moving around in the area.

Lost and found

After the competition, all lost and found items worth over 20 euros will be delivered to the Southwestern Finland Police Department (Eerikinkatu 40-42, 20100 Turku), tel. +358 295 445 179.