Welcome to Paavo Nurmi’s stadium

Event time

13.6 @ 16:30-21:00 The gates to the area will open at 15:30.

(The event’s preliminary sport program has been published in February (changes possible). A more detailed sport-specific schedule will be published in May.)

For us at Paavo Nurmi Games, the health and safety of athletes, the public, volunteers and employees is paramount. We want to make sure that everyone attending the event is safe to attend our event. We ask that you strictly follow the official instructions in the event arrangements and take care of the hygiene of the area.

Events schedule

Timetable (updated 7.6.22)

16.35Girls U11 1000m
16.41Boys U11 1000m
16.45W Hammer throw
16.55Wheelchair 400m
17.08M 400m hd B-heat
17.18W 400m hd B-heat
17.30M 800m B-heat
17.38W 800m B-heat
17.40W High jump
17.45Opening ceremony
17.50M masters 55+ 100m
17.55M Triple jump
17.58Girls U9 40m
18.04W 100m heat 1
18.12W 100m heat 2
18.15M Discus throw
18.16P9 40m
18.22M 100m heat 1
18.30M 100m heat 2
18.38Wheelchair 100m
18.45W Pole vault
19.04M 400m hd A-heat
19.14W 400m hd A-heat
19.24W 100m Final
19.32M 100m Final
19.35W Triple jump
19.42M 110m hd heat 1
19.48M 110m hd heat 2
19.50M Javelin throw
19.56W 100m hd heat 1
20.02W 100m hd heat 2
20.12M 800m A-Final
20.20M 3000m Steeple chase
20.35W 800m A-Final
20.45M 110m hd Final
20.55W 100m hd Final